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I Just Don’t Know What to Do!


Are you feeling pressured or confused about how to make WISE, intentional decisions??  It’s best to know how you’ll handle a high stakes decision or situation BEFORE you find yourself in one.  It doesn’t matter how many times you say, “Oh, I would never do that…” fact is, you may find yourself in a position that you never thought was possible.  IF so, try to remember these steps below to help navigate a tough situation after it comes up.

First STOP

Try to stop or control the situation by using a stalling tactic such as checking your phone or sending a text, moving around in the room… or anything else that will help change the dynamic of the situation.


Ask yourself questions such as “What do I need to decide right now?  What are the positive/negative consequences to each choice?  How should I respond?”  Next work through the answers until you’re clear about how you feel and what you should do.


Make your decision with your dreams and goals for the future in mind.  You don’t want to decide anything on the fly that you might later regret.  Some decisions are reversible… but others can have lifelong consequences.  Later, talk with someone you trust about your decision, like your parents, a sibling or friend, and see if they have any additional input that could be helpful in carrying your decision out.  Decide- don’t slide.

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