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1. What grade levels do you teach your program to?

We teach predominantly grades 7-12th. We also just got a new curriculum for 5th and 6th grades that focuses more on good character, building healthy friendships and relationships and starts to talk about puberty and avoiding risky behaviors such as bullying, sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence.

2. How many different levels are in your program?
We have 5 different programs available for students.
Level 1: 5-6th,
Level 2: 7th-8th
Level 3: 9th-10th
Level 4: 11th-12th
We also have a one day program done by 2 presenters called Sex Matters that focuses on choices and consequences related to being a sexual person and the decisions today that impact healthy relationships into the future.

3. Do you offer customized presentations for a smaller group or on different topics such as self-esteem, dating/relationships, character, and goal setting?
Yes! Just contact us to discuss what you’re specifically looking for.

4. How much are your presentations?
Everything we do is privately funded by donations, so that means NO COST for you!

5. Do you presentations cover any of the Core Curriculum Content Standards?
The nationally evaluated, medically accurate, interactive YES You Can! Curriculum will be used. It supplements Family Life education, meets over 90% of Core Curriculum Content Standards for Relationships and Human Sexuality, complies with NJ’s AIDS Prevention Act, and dovetails with many character education requirements.

6. How many lessons or how much time is required for the program?
Scheduling is flexible and will accommodate your school’s needs. We recommend about 5 or 6 sessions during a normal 40-42 minute class period, but have found that even 1 or 2 sessions can be beneficial.

7. Do you only do presentations in schools?
No, besides doing public and private schools, we also do our program for different community groups such as The Boys and Girls Club, different after-school programs, youth groups and other faith-based groups. Please call if you have any questions.

8. Do you have an outline of what you cover? Yes, please see below:

  • Level 1- YES You Can…Commit to Character!

Future Orientation
Thinking about the future and creating short and long-term goals. Developing good character traits and good and bad consequences of decisions.

Friendship Has Many Faces
The importance of good character traits and values in friends and oneself. Negative decisions can impact the present and the future.

Puberty – A Time of Change
The difference between crushes, infatuation and love. The physical and physiological changes that happen during puberty.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
The difference between healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and the practices that help maintain good health. The importance of character and core ethical values when facing challenging situations.

Appropriate boundary setting and problem-solving techniques in difficult situations. The impact of avoiding high-risk behaviors and the effect they can have on personal boundaries. Good standards that help resist peer pressure.

  • Level 2 – YES You Can…Experience True Freedom!

True Freedom
True Freedom does not mean saying “YES” to every opportunity, but saying “NO” to choices that are not best for us.

Freedom To Be You
Success in life is more likely if we focus on dreams and goals.

Freedom To Love
Healthy Friendships and Love Relationships: what they look like and how to sustain them.

Freedom and Consequences
Risk Elimination vs. Risk Reduction regarding STD’s and pregnancy.

Limits To Freedom and Our Choices
Deadly Combination – Drugs, Alcohol and Sex. Developing Strategies to Stay Free and Make Good Choices

  • Level 3 – YES You Can…Make Smart Choices!

Truth, Dare or Consequences
The media’s portrayal of consequences does not mirror real life.

Rushed intimacy can create illusions and false expectations.

Relationship Health
Healthy relationships are not accidents; they are the result of smart choices.

Looking at the real implications of teen pregnancy.

Sex and Risk
Am I willing to take a chance? Am I willing to get infected? Strategies for making the healthiest choices to best protect me and my future goals.

  • Level 4 – YES You Can…Build Healthy Relationships!

Human Sexuality is Complex
Understanding how sex incorporates the 5 dimensions of the human person, male and female differences and emotional attachments and effects.

Sex, Love, and the Culture
Building lasting relationships and discover real love vs. using. Media, marketing, and pornography.

Pregnancy Health and Options
What it takes to raise a baby; impact on teen moms/dads

Choices and Consequences
Sex and intimacy are progressive. Personal maturity measures and how to eliminate risk.

Creative Dating Relationship Health
Identifying healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. Good communication and boundaries.