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Customized Presentations

We offer a variety of presentations, free of charge, to the Bergen and Passaic County middle and high schools that complement your public/private school health curriculum. We address a wide range of topics and present only medically accurate and evaluated curricula. Each educator will present in a way that reflects their personality and experiences and might vary. Our material is interactive, relevant and keeps the students engaged. We include role playing, object lessons, games, manipulatives, and interactive CD-ROMs and DVD clips. We can do 1-5 presentations, depending on your schedule and availability. These themes include some of the following, in keeping with the perspectives expressed on this website:

  • Relationship Health and Intimacy
  • The Freedom to be You
  • Pregnancy Choices & Options
  • STI’s & STD’s
  • The media’s portrayal and reality
  • Pornography
  • Sexual Assault/Rape
  • Progressive Steps toward Intimacy
  • Sex Matters
  • Choices and Consequences