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15 Challenges to Make This, “YOUR BEST SUMMER EVER!!”

  1. Spend more time out of your bed then in your bed.
  2. Sleep outside and invite some friends along to your camp-out and tell them s’mores and an amazing breakfast is involved! (compliments of YOU)
  3. Make a YouTube video doing something creative, or just plain silly, and become a YouTube sensation overnight!
  4. Watch a documentary about the food industry and decide you’re going tomake 3 changes to your diet for the better.
  5. Like… stop. drinking. soda!
  6. Ask out that one person you’ve been crushing on the entire school year- you can do it!
  7. Plan a really creative date for them- I’m talking Snapchat or Instagram worthy!
  8. Simplify your life and give away some stuff you haven’t used in ages or clothes you never wear… or sell it at a yard sale and donate the money or do something nice for someone.
  9. Be grateful for all of your blessings and write down 3 things every single day about what you’re grateful for.
  10. Road trip to the closest state line and make a really big deal about crossing it. Like, a really. big. deal. The more confetti the better.
  11. Get over one of your fears like that humongo roller coaster that you swear you’re not afraid of.
  12. Clean the bathroom every Saturday morning for you parents without being asked or complaining about it.
  13. Cook dinner for your family one night by watching a how-to video online… think Taco Tuesdays (because they probably are the best and only appropriate meal for a Tuesday).
  14. Create an amazing summer playlist on Spotify and then dance to it (even if people are watching).
  15. Bring joy to others through random acts of kindness, gifts or notes… to family, friends, or even strangers!

*And here’s a bonus one- if your crush denied you, don’t dwell on it all summer… go out and have fun with friends and family, meet new people!  Enjoy Life.  A big part of life is relationships, making new connections and memories and experiencing that together! Trying new things is what makes our world grow.  Never settle for mediocre and don’t base your self-worth on whether you’re with this guy or that girl.  You have plenty of time for a serious relationship when the time is right.  For now, enjoy making amazing friendships and having fun, because life is too short not to!  (Ok so that was a little long, but hey, it was my closing too!)

Lauren A. Caron

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